I’m Afraid to Show My Boyfriend I Love Him…Can You Help?

Hello JoyDiva,

Let me tell you how thankful I am for finding you, even though I don’t know you :’) My question is, well is more my issue, is that you see I do not know how to love my boyfriend, I feel like if I show him how much in love I am for him he’s gonna get tired of me 😦 Please help me!



Dear StarstruckbyWatermelons, (You could make a hit record with a name like that! ;))

Without knowing a lot of back story (i.e. how long you’ve been with your boyfriend, your relationship history, what it means for you to “show” your love, etc.), I’m not going to focus on any of those sorts of specifics here.

What I can say is this: There is nothing that you have to do or be other than exactly who you are to be worthy of a deeply nourishing and unconditionally loving relationship. Your fears of rejection are completely normal, and it’s 100% OK for you to take baby steps when it comes to revealing your vulnerability in your relationship—there is no need to put all of your emotions on the table at once if that is something you are not ready for. Building a foundation for a lasting relationship happens step by step—it takes time to build intimacy, to reveal piece by piece if your relationship has what it takes to flourish and endure, and taking things slowly is a most excellent way to ensure that you’ve got yourself a good one. If he’s the right guy for you, then he’s gonna relish in taking his sweet time and in building something true and lasting with you, too.

I hear that you really like this guy and are afraid to make a wrong move. As really, super-duper, incredibly scary and vulnerable that it may feel, the thing is that when you choose to express your truth—whether that means that you gush all over him with love or express your need to take your sweet time in sharing your love for him or simply just let him know that you’re kind of freaking out—you always win, he wins and the relationship wins, too. Here’s the deal: you actually don’t need your boyfriend’s love or approval—as scary as it seems in your mind to experience him disapproving of you and/or walking away, you have everything that you need within you to pick up your life and create insane amounts of joy. By choosing to express yourself honestly, you are not only loving him, you are creating the opportunity for you to be TRULY loved for completely who you are. If he isn’t ok with how you share your love, then let him go, darlin’; because that means that you aren’t a right fit for one another, and there is another man out there who is gonna be THRILLED to receive love just the way you know how to give it. Hiding yourself so that you can keep a relationship that may or may not be right? Well, that is selling you, your boyfriend and your relationship way, way short of all of the goodness that could exist in your lives. When you speak your truth, everyone wins—you and your boyfriend both get to see if your relationship has what it takes to serve you both to the fullest and then choose accordingly for your lives. It may sound cliche, but the truth really does set us free—free to be who we really are, have what we really want and deserve, and it opens us to all of the joy that can come with that freedom.

So, I want to ask you: What is it that you really want in a relationship? What does your dream partnership look like? What do you need in order to feel cherished in your relationships? Your homeplay: Go ahead and make a really long, juicy list in answering these questions—really go all out with this one. I have a strong feeling that a core piece of your dream relationship includes you getting to be COMPLETELY yourself and being loved for it. (At least I hope so!) Some other things that you might want to include are: “I can express myself fully and it only makes him love me more.” “I can take my precious time, and my partner will not only understand, but respect and cherish the choices that I need to make for myself.” Have fun with this—it’s so important that you get really clear on what you want to be experiencing so that you can build a relationship from that awareness. The world needs you to be fully YOU, and any relationship that doesn’t support you in your “you-ness” isn’t doing any of us justice.

So, make your list, and then I want you to explore some of the ways that you can ensure that you have all of those pieces that you want. One clear way right off the bat is in choosing to share all of yourself—your boyfriend may or may not choose you in the end, but by choosing to share your truth, you are being your best partner, you are choosing yourself. There is a deep and lasting joy that can be discovered when you realize that you will always have your own back.

I want to close with sharing a video of me performing my upcoming single, “I’m Free”–it’s all about the joy and freedom that we discover when we choose ourselves. May this song serve as a loving reminder of your inherent worth and power.

Much love to you and your boyfriend, Dear One.

🙂 Melissa, A.K.A. The JoyDiva

©2012 Melissa Simonson

10 responses to “I’m Afraid to Show My Boyfriend I Love Him…Can You Help?

  1. “If he isn’t ok with how you share your love, then let him go, darlin’; because that means that you aren’t a right fit for one another,” — Yes – exactly! Doing this from the very beginning of both romances and friendships is vital if we ever want to have truly authentic relationships.

    Not that it isn’t scary at times, cause it is. I feel like using your question “What is it that you really want in a relationship?” as a guidepost in all interactions is a key part of building relationships that allow us to be completely raw and real and ourselves in life ❤

    • Kate: AMEN, Sister Friend! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and your wonderful awareness.

    • April Peterson

      I’m so glad that I came across this immediately upon my search “how to show my boyfriend that I’m in love with him”. I have been divorced and separated for nine years. During that time I have dating several men and now I finally know I came across the one that I feel in love with. We have been dating for seven months. I’m in my mid-thirties now and wisdom and discernment has kick in as well. At times, I do feel hesitate to show my love as I want to at times. I believe all those rejections has much to do with it. With this guy that I’m with, he is not bothered by me calling him daily, yet I limit it to a reasonable time. Now, I have texting and I feel at times to text him, yet feel that I need to limit myself so that I’m not to “needy” or “clingy” as some would say. This is what I have been told in the past. He is not bothered by this either. He texts me more and calls me more. Some say to let the guy be in charge of calling more often. I have done this, yet just recently, he has questioned about my interest in him. I was surprised. This is why I have come across this site. Now, I feel free to express my love now. The guys who I have dated in the past obviously were not interested in me and I just could not see that they were just nicely attempting to back away from me. Therefore, now on, I’m going just shower my boyfriend with my impulse need to show him affection. If he becomes annoyed with it, then I will just move on with respect for myself.

      • I’m glad that you found wisdom here and the permission to be fully expressed, April. It is a gift to give and receive love freely. xo, Melissa AKA The JoyDiva

  2. I REALLY needed to hear this today! Words to live by.

  3. StarstruckbyWatermelons and I share the same sentiments and reading his article really helped me. Thanks Melissa! 🙂 God bless you! 🙂

  4. You are a blessing. I am so incredibly blessed and already feel a little more free than I was 5 minutes ago reading this, knowing i’m not alone.

    Without getting into too much detail, i’m ready to take this journey with you all. I’m ready to learn how to truly love and express myself – and abolish the fear of another person not accepting me for who I am.

    I’d love to get in further contact with you – if that’s okay?
    Thank you, so much.

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