About the JoyDiva

GlamourShot48Melissa Simonson is a self-love expert who is committed to supporting women as they discover their passion and gain the joyful confidence to speak their Truth OUT LOUD in all areas of their lives. Through her unique form of one-on-one coaching that combines Life Coaching and Astrology, her playful, down-to-earth style of speaking and writing, and her gift as a Singer/Songwriter at spiritual retreats, conferences and workshops, Melissa is inspiring the women of the world to claim their birthright: To boldly love and CELEBRATE the beautiful, powerful beings that they are.

Are you ready:

To no longer beat yourself up for saying or doing the “wrong” thing?

To step into fuller confidence?

To create joy no matter what circumstances are unfolding in your life?

To say “No” when you mean “No” and “Yes” when you mean “Yes?”

To forge healthy relationships in all areas of your life?

And feel cherished and adored for being COMPLETELY who you are?


visit www.melissasimonson.com to learn more about all of the ways that you can work with Melissa.